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God's Gay Agenda Available In English and Chinese



About the Book

God's Gay Agenda, speaks specifically about God's purpose for gays and lesbians. The foundation of the book explores the very words of Jesus in Matthew 19:12 of "eunuchs born thus from their mother's womb". The author builds her case scripture by scripture, along with the presentation of ancient extra-biblical writings, to reveal how Jesus' first category of eunuchs parallels what we understand today to be homosexuals.  


This book answers once and for all the question about whether the Bible condemns homosexuality or whether the Christian Church has misunderstood and mistranslated the six or seven verses of scripture that have been traditionally viewed as condemnation of homosexuality. God's Gay Agenda will profit pastors, churches, families, parents, gays and lesbians, and all those interested in reconsidering homosexuality in the light of the scriptures.  

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