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Brian D. McLaren

Author, Speaker, Activist.


Few groups have been as unyielding in their opposition to the full understanding and acceptance of gay people as Charismatic and Evangelical Christians. Sandy Turnbull’s new book speaks the language of Evangelicals and Charismatics because it’s her native tongue. God’s Gay Agenda can help good-hearted Christians see another way to be faithful to God and the Bible without being cruel to their gay neighbors. (

Wayne Besen

Founder of Truth Wins Out.


Anyone who thinks that one can’t be gay and Christian MUST READ God’s Gay Agenda. With wisdom and finesse, Sandra Turnbull shows that LGBT people are also God’s people. She deftly examines the Bible and makes it accessible for those who want to understand the issues of sexual orientation and faith. I found this book inspiring, entertaining, enlightening and a joy to read. I highly recommend God’s Gay Agenda.

Karen Jo Torjesen, Ph.D

Professor of Women's Studies at The Claremont Graduate School

and author of "When Women were Priests". 


A fascinating book. Sandra Turnbull offers a passionate reading of scriptures, grounded in faith that moves within the circle of Biblical texts invoked in the debates over homosexuality. Drawing on modern neuroscience, scholarship on ancient sexual cultic practices and philological studies of Biblical language she creates a Biblical narrative of homosexuality that is comprehensive and compelling with some surprising twists. The book is offered as a guidebook to scripture for Biblical Christians and concludes with a moving biblically based call to Christian ministry for the gay community, a must read.

Rev. Troy D. Perry 

Founder, Metropolitan Community Churches.


God’s Gay Agenda is going to be loved by those who have a deep respect of Scripture. Sandra Turnbull has done an amazing job of telling the story of her search for God’s agenda for her life as a openly lesbian pastor and of her gift of interpreting what Hebrew and Christian scripture says about Homosexuality and Same Gender Marriage. This book is a must read for any individual seeking to expand their knowledge on what the Bible says about these issues. This book is as current as this mornings news.

Rev. Mike Hercock 

IMAGINE - Surry Hills Baptist Church and 100 Rev's, Sydney, Australia 


Pastor Sandra Turnbull is a Pioneer and a Prophet to one of the most seriously conflicted spaces in the Church today. She has pioneered a model of Relationship and Ministry that has inspired this straight Pastor to take small steps into the crossroads of faith and sexuality with the humility and courage of Christ- as a Pastor amongst the LGBTI community in Sydney Australia. I encourage you to read this book and thank you Sandra for your words and your life on paper.


Rev. Michael S. Piazza

Retired Senior Pastor of the Cathedral of Hope and author of Holy Homosexuals


Evangelical theology recognizes three sources of authority: scripture, the activity of the Spirit, and the individual’s experience with God. Rev. Sandra Turnbull calls all three to bear witness to what is true in her life and the lives of thousands of women and men who have refused to surrender their faith simply because they are gay or lesbian. For anyone who takes the scripture seriously and struggles to reconcile or help other’s reconcile their sexuality and spirituality, Sandra has provided an invaluable resource.

Anthony Venn-Brown, 

Founder of Ambassadors & Bridge Buildings International and autor of Life Of Unlearning


I recommend this work as an excellent resource not only to those beginning to seek understanding of the issues of sexuality and Christianity but also those already knowledgeable in these areas. The authors premise is true; unlike the insidious ‘gay agenda’ often referred to in conservative Christian literature God does have his own Gay Agenda of love, grace and equality.

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